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Red's has released 6" 8" lowering kit for the '08 Ford F250, F350, and Ford Super Duty. Kit includes front springs, I Beams, shocks, rear flip kit, c-notch, and shocks. Also, we have released a 3 1/2" 5 1/2" lowering kit for the same trucks. More News

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History of the Donk


To many people across the globe a donk is any passenger car that has been lifted and has 22s or larger wheels.  The real story began in Liberty City (Miami) circa 1993.

At this time ’71 through ’76 Caprices and Impalas were known back then as glass houses on the west coast.  On the east they were called a Chevy.  People in Liberty City started switching their Cadillacs, Lincolns, and Delta88s for the forgotten 70s Chevys.  They were customized by using 30 or 50 spoke Cragar with Vogues tires.  Reds with our lowrider background started switching them to 16” Dayton 100 spoke knock off wires with a new low profile Vogue. 

This was called 16 and lows.  By this time every 70s Chevy was called a donk regardless of how it looked.  In late 1994 20s were released.  Reds started tinkering with the idea of building donks and Chevy pickups with the big rims.  By the time we rolled into late ’95 and early ’96 donks were really popular with big motors, custom interiors and paint, audio, and 16 and lows.  After the 16 and lows got played out we pulled out a ’71 donk with 20” Azevs and Michellin tires, owned by Emilio who worked at Reds Hydraulics, to the Lowrider show in 1997.  After that the donk was the talk of the town and was made popular throught the US (remember the internet was not as popular back then).  As time passed people still wanted bigger rims to fill wheel wells up.  In 1998 22s came out and took the market by storm. 

The first person in Miami to put 22s on a donk was a customer named Chris with a dark green ’72 Caprice with a full race motor.  This donk had 22x9 Budnick Trilogy 3 wheels with Dunlop SP8000s.  Since bigger was better the in thing was to put 22s on the donk.  Every year bigger wheels come out and the suspensions now have to be customized to be able to fit them.